Editorial: In midst of assaults, we must defend principles of First Amendment

Author: Editor

Today, the Daily Herald editorial board joins more than 200 similar boards at newspapers across the country in a cause we've been championing for years -- the protection of America's free press against an unprecedented assault from the highest office of the nation's government.

Consider this description from one of our first editorials on the topic in December 2016: "Why we're saying (that the press is under assault) -- why it needs to be said, why it needs to be shouted unapologetically -- is because it's dangerous.

"It undermines our democracy. 

"It allows those in power to say, 'Ignore the facts no matter what the facts may be.'

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Underwood responds to Hultgren's Facebook attacks, asks to attend his town hall meeting

Author: Editor

As congressman Randy Hultgren prepares to host a series of town-hall meetings in the 14th Congressional District this week, his most prominent Democratic constituent and challenger, Lauren Underwood, is trying to take the fight to him in hopes of sparking at least one public debate.

Underwood signed up for a chance to be in his town hall audience and ask her own questions.

Hultgren coasted to re-election victories in every race since taking the seat from Democrat Bill Foster in 2010. Without even having to debate any of his Democratic rivals, Hultgren consistently received about 60 percent of the votes cast come election time.

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Will County to spend $72,400 to take over Aurora precincts

Author: Editor

The Will County clerk’s office expects to spend $72,400 its first year of taking over seven precincts previously handled by the Aurora Election Commission, officials said Thursday.

The commission was dissolved by a referendum in the March primary after 84 years of conducting elections in the city of Aurora, which grew to include parts of Will, Kane, Kendall and DuPage counties. The vast majority of the precincts – 53 – are in Kane County, with three in Kendall. DuPage has its own election commission, which handles 10 Aurora precincts.

Will County will consolidate its seven precincts into four – Precincts 31, 32, 33 and 34 – and provide election services for those 6,502 registered voters beginning with the November general election, said Judy Weidmeyer, chief deputy clerk in Will County.

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New law holds county appointees more accountable

Author: Editor

A new measure signed into law gives Will County Board members more authority to remove county appointees who violate ethics standards.

It’s a move welcomed by county appointees such as Nick Palmer, chief of staff for Will County Executive Larry Walsh. Palmer was appointed by Walsh in 2004 as deputy chief of staff but was later promoted to chief of staff in 2010.

“I think it’s good. It’s what I’ve always known,” Palmer said Friday. “If it restores any confidence of the taxpayers in the board, I think that’s a positive thing. It could also discourage people who might want to do something that’s not in the public’s best interest. Hopefully it discourages them because they know people are watching.”

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The Real Vote Fraud

Author: Editor

Many years ago, as a college Republican, I spent one summer in Austin working for a candidate in a special election for the Texas senate. My hometown was a liberal enclave with many college students -- unwashed, longhaired, pot-smoking students, it seemed to me -- who were predominantly Democrats. The more students who came out to vote the less likely our candidate was to win.

But our campaign strategists came up with a plan. They sent mailings to all the registered voters in precincts near the campus. Many cards came back because the addressee had moved, as college students often do. Voters no longer at the address on file with election authorities were not eligible to vote.

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