Underwood responds to Hultgren's Facebook attacks, asks to attend his town hall meeting

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As congressman Randy Hultgren prepares to host a series of town-hall meetings in the 14th Congressional District this week, his most prominent Democratic constituent and challenger, Lauren Underwood, is trying to take the fight to him in hopes of sparking at least one public debate.

Underwood signed up for a chance to be in his town hall audience and ask her own questions.

Hultgren coasted to re-election victories in every race since taking the seat from Democrat Bill Foster in 2010. Without even having to debate any of his Democratic rivals, Hultgren consistently received about 60 percent of the votes cast come election time.

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Annual Will County Democratic Party Fundraiser

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Friday, September 28th, 2018

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

IBEW Local 176 Hall

1100 N. I-55 E. Frontage Road, Joliet, IL 60431


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The Trump Promise Tracker

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The Fact Checker is pleased to announce the launch of its very first presidential promise tracker: the Trump Promise Tracker.

Since the Fact Checker was relaunched in 2011, we had missed the start of President Obama’s term, and so it was too late to track his 2008 promises. But, with a new president, we can start afresh.

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump made more than 280 promises, though many were contradictory or just uttered in a single campaign event. So that posed a conundrum: What would be a good list of promises to track that Trump was really serious about? We did not think it would be fair to rate a promise that might have been tossed out without much serious discussion by the candidate and his staff.

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A War on Workers in Illinois

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As one of his first official acts, the new Republican governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, issued an executive order this week that would weaken state unions by barring them from assessing fees on some of the workers they represent in collective bargaining. Worse, the damage from the order could reach far beyond Illinois.

At issue are so called “fair share” fees. In a unionized workplace, a union must extend collectively bargained pay raises and other benefits to nonmembers. The nonmembers — about 15 percent of unionized state employees in Illinois — do not have to pay union dues or contribute to the union’s political activities. Instead, under the law in Illinois and in many other states, they must pay the union a fair-share fee, which is less than full dues, to cover the cost of collective bargaining undertaken on their behalf.

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The dangers of Illinois as a 'right to work' state

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Gov. Rauner has asked state and local lawmakers to consider adopting union-free business zones. So let’s imagine Illinois as a “right to work” state.

First a clarification. The phrase “right to work” is a misnomer that has little to do with the right of a person to seek and accept gainful employment. Anti-union proponents use “right to work” to refer to an option under federal labor law that allows workers employed by a unionized employer to receive the full benefits of a labor contract without paying for any of the cost to gain those benefits. In fact, no employee anywhere in the country has to join a union and no employer has to sign a labor agreement.

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