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I-80 Safety Must Be Addressed Now: Town Hall Crowd

Published on Friday, January 12, 2018

I-80 Safety Must Be Addressed Now: Town Hall Crowd

The most jarring statistics came from Mary Craighead of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute. Her report analyzed a 16-mile stretch of I-80 from between Ridge Road and U.S. 30.


--A total of 37 fatal crashes occurred between 2001 and 2016.

--The roadway is largely two lanes each way and has multiple narrow bridges lacking shoulders.

--Motorists must drop their speeds to 55 mph between U.S. 30 and Joliet's Larkin Avenue and 45 mph east of U.S. 52.

--Approximately 20 percent of the total traffic volume consists of heavy trucks.

--Compared to I-80 near Tinley Park, the Joliet-New Lenox-Minooka stretch of I-80 "consistently has higher fatal and overall crash rates."

--Crash rates are greater and more consistent near Joliet's Center Street and Route 53.

During audience participation, event moderator Scott Slocum of WJOL asked Illinois State Police officials about immediate, short-term solutions to reduce the death toll along I-80.

"More troopers help. We are understaffed. We have (recruit) classes going through now, but still, our staffing is going to take quite some time to catch up," the State Police official responded, adding that efforts to address the traffic congestion near Richards Street and Route 53 would also be a huge welcome.

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2/1/2018 10:31 AM

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