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Moustis' Double-Dipping Textbook Worthy: Gallagher

Published on Monday, October 15, 2018

Moustis' Double-Dipping Textbook Worthy: Gallagher

There's no wonder. The loophole allows Moustis to legally collect his $24,000 salary as board member, in addition to his IMRF pension — as if he were retired. But he's not. See what I mean? Smart cookie.

Collecting an IMRF pension while still serving on the county board is not just a Republican thing. Three other board members, including one Democrat, are also cashing IMRF checks — but for nowhere near as much money.

Jackie Traynere (D- District 4) gets $485.41 per month; Tom Weigel (R- District 12) gets $806.64 per month; and Chuck Maher (R-District 11) gets $1,034.61 per month, according to IMRF.

Meh. That's just regular double-dipping. A pittance! And so what if they earned it?

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