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Yes, there is a fact-based argument regarding graduated income tax

Published on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Yes, there is a fact-based argument regarding graduated income tax

To help address these problems, Gov. Pritzker wants to amend Illinois' constitution to allow a graduated rate structure for the state's individual income tax. Under the governor's plan, higher tax rates would be imposed on higher levels of income, and lower rates on lower levels of income. He calls his proposal the "Fair Tax," because it ties state income tax burden to ability to pay. Pritzker's proposal would raise an estimated $3.4 billion in new revenue by increasing the income taxes paid by the wealthiest three percent in Illinois, while modestly cutting income taxes for the bottom 97 percent of earners -- all of which seems eminently reasonable, given the huge General Fund deficit and the burgeoning growth in income inequality.

Of course, no matter how well thought-out, designed or needed, any proposal to increase taxes will generate opposition. So it's no surprise a group has been formed under the moniker "Ideas Illinois" to attack the governor's Fair Tax.

What is surprising -- because it's so completely void in substance -- is the rhetoric that group is using as the focal point of its anti-Fair Tax campaign. Currently, the folks at Ideas Illinois claim Pritzker's proposal somehow equates to "a permanent jobs tax on middle-class families." And to support this claim, Ideas Illinois points to, well, nothing.

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