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Voter turnout in Will County highest since 2008

Author: Editor

After a not-so-smooth March primary election for voters at various polling locations in Will County, Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots and her staff made several adjustments ahead of the Nov. 8 general election.

By all accounts, it worked well. The clerk’s office announced last week a voter turnout of 74.51 percent with 306,410 ballots cast.

It’s the highest percentage turnout since the 2008 general election, when 76.14 percent of registered voters cast ballots. The total number of ballots cast in November was the highest ever in Will County. The previous high was 284,661, according to data on the county clerk’s website.

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Will County Clerk announces new voting rules

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Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz Voots has issued a news release outlining rules for early voting and grace period registration/voting for the Nov. 4 election in light of a new state law enacted July 1.

Early voting will extend through Nov. 2.

Grace period registration/voting has been extended through the closing of the polls at 7 p.m. on Election Day.

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Governor Pat Quinn signs same-day voter registration bill

Author: Editor

Illinois residents will be able to register to vote on Election Day, have more time to vote early and not be required to bring photo identification to vote early under a plan signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Pat Quinn.

Supporters wanted a trial run with the new rules, so the law only applies to the elections in November, with the goal of expanding it later.

Quinn called the plan critical to a democracy and said he wanted to make voting “as easy as possible.”

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Democrats strike back on voter ID laws

Author: Editor

Last week, operatives tied to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee launched what they call a 50-state initiative to promote voting reforms that would make it easier to cast a ballot. The effort is being run by American Values First, an outside group organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code and run by Michael Sargeant, the DLCC’s executive director. Democrats will push legislation similar to a Colorado measure signed into law earlier this year that requires all elections to be conducted by mail.

Legislators in at least seven other states will propose bills that would tweak election laws in other ways. In some states controlled by Democrats, the measures have a good chance to pass. In other states with divided control or that operate under Republican control, Democrats plan to use the measures as political cudgels, painting the GOP as opposed to basic voting rights.

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