Illinois State Candidates - Upcoming Elections

Candidate for Governor

JB Pritzker

I’m a husband. I’ve been married to M.K., the most terrific woman in the world, for almost 24 years. She is my partner in this endeavor, and in everything I’ve done. She’s the love of my life.

I’m the father of two great kids. My 14-year-old daughter, Teddi, is a track and cross country runner (she obviously gets her athletic abilities from me). My son, Donny, is 12 — a total math whiz and a football fanatic. I’m so proud of them.

I’m an entrepreneur. Not all that long ago, Illinois was way behind when it came to creating technology jobs — and we were missing out on the high-paying jobs those businesses create. I led the creation of a non-profit small business incubator called 1871, which in the last five years is responsible for creating 6,000 new jobs in Illinois, and we’re now ranked among the top ten tech hubs in the world.


  • I’m a passionate advocate for early childhood development. I believe there isn’t a better investment we can make as a society than to invest in our youngest children. Study after study shows how important education is for kids age three and under, which is why I’ve become a national leader in supporting early childhood education and helped improve teacher training and invested in innovation here in Illinois. I’m also proud of working with some great local non-profit organizations to expand Illinois school breakfast program to 55,000 low-income students, and to change the law so that an additional 175,000 more kids are getting the breakfast they need to start their days off right.

  • I’m a student of history — and know the importance of learning from it. I’m a descendant of Ukrainian Jews, and was proud to work with the local community of Holocaust survivors to open the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. Each year, more than 50,000 kids learn to fight bigotry, hatred and intolerance at the center, and thousands of teachers are trained to take those lessons back to their classrooms all across the state so kids will learn to stand up against hate.

  • I believe in justice. My wife and I helped support the Center on Wrongful Convictions, which has become the national leader in rectifying wrongful convictions and did much of the work behind Illinois’s moratorium on capital punishment.

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Illinois Comptroller

Susana Mendoza

Susana Mendoza graduated from Bolingbrook High School where she earned All-State and All-Midwest honors in varsity soccer. As such, she became the first female to ever make it onto the Bolingbrook High School Wall of Fame. She attended Northeast Missouri State University, (now Truman State University) on a soccer and academic scholarship, earning All-Midwest honors in soccer and a B.A. in Business Administration.

She is very happily married to her wonderful husband, David Szostak, with whom she is sharing the joy of parenting an amazing 3 year old son named David Quinten Szostak. They live on the City’s northwest side in the historic Portage Park neighborhood.


  • Susana A. Mendoza was sworn in for her second term as Chicago City Clerk on May 18, 2015. As the first woman ever elected to the Office of the City Clerk, she successfully transitioned 1.3 million customers away from an inefficient and archaic seasonal Chicago City Vehicle Sticker sales program dating back 105 years, plagued by tremendously long lines and guaranteed headaches, to a streamlined Year-Round-Sales program, modeled after the Illinois Secretary of State’s license plate renewal program. This historic change resulted in better customer service at lower taxpayer cost.

  • As Chicago City Clerk,In her first term, Clerk Mendoza also took on the horrendous puppy mill industry and won. Working closely with animal rights groups, primarily the Puppy Mill Project, Clerk Mendoza spearheaded and passed the Companion Animal and Consumer Protection Ordinance, banning Chicago Pet Stores from selling dogs, cats or rabbits unless those animals are sourced from humane shelters or animal rescue organizations. This ordinance effectively shuts off the pipeline of horribly abused puppy mill animals coming into the City, and places Chicago as a national leader in humane and compassionate legislation towards animals.

  • Before City Clerk, Susana Mendoza proudly served six terms as a Democratic member of the Illinois House of Representatives from 2001 to 2011 for the 1st District. Elected in 2000 as the youngest member of the 92nd Illinois General Assembly, she was publicly recognized for her leadership and legislation on social services, education, law enforcement, job creation and animal welfare. She was a leading sponsor of HR 1650 which created the panel to impeach former Governor Blagojevich and she served as an active alternate member of the impeachment committee.

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State Senate - 17th District

Donne E. Trotter

Born in the southern Illinois town of Cairo, Trotter was raised in Chicago where he has lived throughout his entire life. He attended the University of Arizona and Chicago State University where he earned an undergraduate degree in History and Political Science. Trotter also attended Loyola University School of Law in Chicago where he earned his Masters of Jurisprudence in Health & Policy. Trotter was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1992 after spending two terms in the House of Representatives. Senator Trotter is also one of the Democratic caucus’ leading experts in state budgeting. As chairman of the Senate Appropriations I committee, he has worked to reduce unnecessary spending, encouraged streamlining of state services and earned a reputation for evenhandedness in difficult negotiating circumstances.

The Senator and his wife, Rose, have four children.


  • As one of the longest serving legislators in Springfield, Trotter has built commendable record on health care and public health issues. He was one of the key leaders in helping to create the state’s KidCare program, which is designed to provide health insurance for low-income children. Additionally, he has been a tireless advocate for funding critical health care investments including the FamilyCare program, which provides medical coverage insurance to the parents of children enrolled in KidCare.

  • In an effort to combat the spread of deadly diseases, he authored initiatives permitting adults to purchase sterile syringes from pharmacies without a prescription. He has passed legislation that allows an individual to file a petition asking for his/her personal police records to be sealed, after which no one would have access to the records except law enforcement agencies, giving individuals a second chance at contributing to their community.

  • In 2001, Senator Trotter sponsored and passed the law that created the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act. The legislation provides that birth parents may legally leave a newborn at a hospital, fire station or emergency medical facility. If neither child abuse nor neglect is suspected, no questions will be asked.

  • In order to help Illinois' elderly pay for long-term health care, Senator Trotter has advocated a Elder Care Savings Bond program that would be similar to the state's pre-paid college savings program, allowing Illinois residents to pay into a fund to avoid higher nursing home and other long-term health care costs in the future. He also has co-sponsored legislation to protect seniors and the developmentally disabled who rely on assisted living arrangements. Under Trotter’s proposal, the Illinois Department of Public Health would license assisted living and shared housing facilities to better protect consumers of these services.

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State Senate - 19th District

Michael Hastings

Michael E. Hastings was born and raised in the southwest suburbs in Orland Township, one of six children of Mary and Kyle Hastings. The Hastings’ have instilled in all their children a strong work ethic and an obligation to give back to the community. The children were urged to aim high with the understanding that hard work would be its own reward. Mike Hastings took those lessons to heart, excelling in academics and athletics as a youth while attending Victor J. Andrew High School in Tinley Park, IL. Mike was named an Illinois All-State Football Team member playing the position of Offensive Lineman. Mike was elected by his classmates to serve as the President of the Andrew High School student government. Committed to serving his community and his country, Mike worked hard to qualify for an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, the training ground for the nation’s most effective military leaders and Mike’s heroes -- General Dwight Eisenhower, General George S. Patton, and General Norman Schwarzkopf.

At West Point, in addition to earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Leadership and Management, Mike was also an offensive lineman on their Division-I football team for four seasons, the highlight of which was the annual Army-Navy rivalry football game in Washington, DC. After assuming increasing levels of responsibility in the cadet chain-of-command positions at the academy, Mike Hastings graduated from West Point in 2003 and commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. Mike was at West Point when the United States was attacked by terrorist forces on September 11, 2001. Mike was eventually deployed in Iraq and completed over 300 missions in Iraq which spanned the Iranian and Syrian borders. Advancing his military skills and training throughout his career, Mike was eventually promoted to the rank of Captain and served as the Aide-de-Camp to the Commanding General of the 1st Infantry Division (Forward), also commonly referred to as the “Big Red One.” For his exceptionally meritorious service in a combat zone, Mike received the Bronze Star.

Upon his Honorable Discharge in 2008, Mike was recruited by Johnson & Johnson for their BioSurgery Division in Chicago. Mike was able to transfer his leadership and management training to the private sector, leading the turn around of a faltering sales division and posting records achievements for the company in providing product and service solutions for hospitals, healthcare facilities and surgeons. Mike saved hospitals millions of dollars while lowering the cost of medical care and was officially recognized and rewarded by Johnson & Johnson’s as one of their top tier employees. During this time Mike also began his public service career in Illinois, running for the volunteer position of a member of the Board of Trustees for High School District 230, which governs Orland Park’s Sandburg High school, Palos Township’s Stagg High school, and Mike’s alma mater, Tinley Park’s Andrew High School. Mike was elected by the voters of the three townships and has served as the Vice-President the board, voted upon by his fellow Trustees. Mike has also served as the Co-Chairman of the Finance Committee and Co-Chairman of the Education Committee. During his term in office, the $130 million budget of High School District 230 has been balanced and long term debt has been reduced by $14 million – while test scores for students have improved. Mike’s particular interest is promoting real life skills that high school graduates can utilize in the contemporary technological-global business world. Mike has practiced what he preaches to high school students regarding the importance of advancing your education. In his spare time since returning from Iraq, Mike has earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) with honors from the University of Illinois. Mike is also currently working toward completion of his Juris Doctor degree from John Marshall Law School, with an emphasis in Education Law. Mike believes his background in education law, coupled with his experience in school administration at District 230, will give him a unique insight into education reform as a State Senator.

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State Senate - 40th District

Toi Hutchinson

A proud mother of three children, Hutchinson has placed a high importance on improving education since joining the Senate. Ensuring afterschool programs are effective and accountable, Hutchinson sponsored legislation that created standards for existing afterschool programs as well as offered assistance to communities that currently have no programs in place. Through this legislation, programs will be examined to determine their effectiveness as well as offered proposals to ensure all afterschool programs are utilizing their resources to the best of their ability. As recently named chairwoman of the Senate Revenue Committee, Hutchinson has teamed with the House Revenue and Finance Committee in traveling around the state for a series of hearings dedicated towards evaluating Illinois’ business tax structure. With the negative perception given to Illinois’ business climate, the joint-committee is charged with focusing on ways to improve the business tax structure to ensure Illinois businesses are able to stay competitive with neighboring states.

A dedicated public servant for over 15 years, Senator Toi Hutchinson has served the 40th District since January of 2009. Hutchinson represents portions of Cook, Iroquois, Kankakee and Will countie

Hutchinson earned a Bachelor of English degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana and was a student at Northern Illinois University’s School of Law when she began her first term in the Illinois Senate. Hutchinson and her husband Paul live in Olympia Fields with their three children.


  • Hutchinson sponsored and helped pass legislation in 2010 that laid the groundwork for the construction of the Illiana Expressway, a new highway connecting Interstate 55 in Illinois to Interstate 65 in Indiana. Since the passage of this legislation, both the Illinois and Indiana Departments of Transportation have commenced the early planning needed to complete this long needed expressway. Recently, community meetings have been held both in Illinois and Indiana to discuss the proposed route and receive community feedback on various aspects of construction. When complete, the expressway will provide an alternate route between Illinois and Indiana, reducing traffic congestion, aiding economic development efforts and will help put Illinoisans’ back to work, making it the first east/west expressway to be built in the Chicagoland area in more than 20 years.

  • Increasing public transportation options for south suburban residents, Hutchinson sponsored legislation creating the Southeast Commuter Rail Transit District. The creation of this district will allow for the application of federal dollars for the construction of a new Metra line connecting eleven south suburban communities and downtown Chicago. The formation of this line will give south suburban residents additional transit options while also creating economic growth opportunities for the south suburbs. In her efforts to keep all citizens safe from violence and exploitation, Hutchinson has sponsored and helped pass numerous pieces of legislation that will protect women, children, seniors and the disabled. Working with the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, Hutchinson sponsored legislation that allows a victim of sex trafficking to apply for relief from judgment when the victim has a conviction for prostitution.

  • In her efforts to keep all citizens safe from violence and exploitation, Hutchinson has sponsored and helped pass numerous pieces of legislation that will protect women, children, seniors and the disabled. Working with the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, Hutchinson sponsored legislation that allows a victim of sex trafficking to apply for relief from judgment when the victim has a conviction for prostitution.

  • Hutchinson teamed with Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Senate Bill 3269, groundbreaking legislation requiring testing of all Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits, also known as rape kits, within ten days of obtaining evidence. Prior to this legislation, many law enforcement agencies did not require the testing of rape kits, leaving victims feeling helpless and attackers not being brought to justice. With the signing of this legislation, Illinois became the first state in the country to mandate such testing. Hutchinson also worked with Attorney General Madigan on expanding last years cyberstalking legislation that will now include stalking conducted through a cell or landline phone.

  • Ensuring the most vulnerable members of our society are not taken advantage of, Hutchinson increased the fines for financial exploitation of seniors and those with disabilities, making the financial exploitation of between $5,000 and $50,000 a Class 2 Felony.

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State Senate - 43rd District

Patrick McGuire

Pat McGuire has dedicated his adult life to serving the people of Will County. A teacher by training, for a decade he taught English in public and Catholic high schools. During that time, he was also elected to the Joliet Township High School District 204 Board of Education, where he successfully fought for stronger graduation requirements that prepare youth from Joliet, Elwood, and Shorewood prepare for post-secondary education and employment. McGuire also has worked with the education, business, and religious communities on education funding and property tax reform. In 1997, McGuire joined Joliet Junior College’s Project Achieve, where he helped first-generation, low-income, and special-needs college students learn the writing skills needed for successful lives.

McGuire’s school board experience with property taxes motivated him to run for Will County Treasurer in 2006. As treasurer, McGuire streamlined his office, reduced staff and budget, and assisted thousands of homeowners with property tax problems. McGuire teamed with state legislators, mayors, and township officials to provide foreclosure prevention programs, particularly in northern Will County. McGuire also gained valuable experience in municipal government serving as Braidwood City Clerk.

McGuire’s Will County roots go deep. He grew up in Joliet, the oldest of six children, and he was educated at Joliet’s Catholic schools from first grade through college. His father, Paul, was a Joliet firefighter, and his great-grandfather helped found the local union at Lockport’s Texaco refinery. His wife, Lora, is a native of Channahon. Lora McGuire is a nationally recognized pain control expert who is deeply involved in the community as a leader in health and women’s issues. The McGuires have one daughter, Molly.


  • Senator McGuire will use his experience as a school board member, Will County Treasurer, and city clerk to increase honesty and efficiency in Illinois government. McGuire believes taxpayers deserve results from a government that works as hard and budgets as tightly as they do. McGuire will work to strengthen the state’s efforts to attract jobs and investment to Will County. McGuire’s experience readying students prepare for the new economy, bringing openness and reform to the property tax system, and working with diverse communities well equip him to help move the 43rd District ahead.

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State Representative - 29th District

Thaddeus Jones

In the spring of 1997, Thaddeus M. Jones was elected as the first African American Alderman in the 100 year history of the City of Calumet City. He has been successfully re-elected four times, and is Chairman of the Ordinance and Resolutions Committee of the City of Calumet City. Jones has served as President of the Thornton Township Young Democrats, Trustee of South Suburban College and is a former Calumet City Library board member.

He is active in many organization including, but not limited to, his Jones Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to feeding the homeless and providing scholarships to local students. A graduate of Bloom Trail High School, he also attended South Suburban College. Thaddeus graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. Thaddeus M. Jones was born August 24, 1970, to William and Devola Jones. He has eight siblings and a host of nieces and nephews.

In addition Thaddeus is a proud father and parent. He has dedicated his entire life to public service and prides himself on working with many organizations to service the needs of the community. Jones also is the President/CEO of The Jones Foundation and Time Entertainment, Inc., an entertainment company devoted to inspiring young professionals in the entertainment and business industry.


  • Rep. Jones worked with teachers’ groups and the Illinois State Board of Education, to pass legislation creating a pilot program allowing schools in the 29th Representative District listed on the academic watch list for two or more years to implement a year-round academic calendar, subject to federal funding. His legislation would lengthen the current 180 day schedule to 215 days for the schools included in the pilot program.

  • Understanding that we must be fiscally responsible and everyone should do their part of help cut costs, Rep. Jones supported this legislation and voted along with other lawmakers to work 12 days without pay. He continues to lead in the forefront of this movement, fighting to have government work for you, our local residents.

  • This historic reform is geared to improve education and the success of our children. The best teachers are essential to stay in our schools, and Rep. Jones worked tirelessly to pass landmark reforms to the state’s education system. This new legislation includes: Teacher performance and qualifications as primary consideration in layoffs, recalls and teaching assignments, rather than only seniority. Teacher performance is the key factor in tenure and certification decisions. Teachers must receive high marks in evaluation in order to receive tenure. Action may be taken to revoke or suspend teachers’ certificates if they consistently receive unsatisfactory evaluations. The dismissal hearing process is streamlined so poorly performing teachers can be dismissed more quickly.

  • Protecting Patients’ Rights is important to Rep. Jones and he fought to pass a ‘Patients’ Right to Know Act’ to provide consumers with a tool to make informed health care decisions. This legislation paves the way for a searchable internet database available to the public with information on Illinois’ 44,000 licensed physicians and surgeons, including convictions for felonies or other serious crimes, disciplinary actions, license revocations and medical malpractice judgments.

  • Rep. Jones has been attentive to the fact that victims of domestic violence consistently live in fear and that some of their attackers may still have legal access to firearms if the conviction came before 1997. He helped pass this new legislation that allows State Police to revoke or deny the FOID card of any person who has ever been convicted of domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery.

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State Representative - 34th District

Elgie R. Sims, Jr.

State Representative Elgie Simms, understands the value of hard work and how to come up with common sense solutions to real world problems. An attorney and second generation small business owner, Elgie’s commitment to hard work began at an early age while working in his family’s business, where he learned that nothing in life is given, it must be earned. Throughout college and during his time working in Springfield, he often commuted from downstate Illinois to help run the family’s business on Chicago’s south side and while putting himself through law school.

Elgie’s commitment to public service began at an early age, working in the youth ministry at his church. He continues to make a positive impact on every community of which he is blessed to be a part; as he was always taught, “too whom much is given, much is required.” He remains active in many civic organizations whose mission is to improve the quality of life for the communities they serve. As a community leader, he has worked to provide scholarships and books to kids in need and has worked to make out community more safe.

As Budget Director to former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, Jr. and the Illinois Senate Democrats, Elgie helped put millions of dollars into improving the quality of life in our communities, by providing funds for education, capital improvements, health care initiatives and economic development activities.

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State Representative - 80th District

Anthony Deluca

As the mayor of Chicago Heights, DeLuca made building a more responsive and fiscally responsible government a top priority, an effort he will duplicate in Springfield. As Mayor, DeLuca reduced the number of salaried employees by twenty percent and reorganized the city-funded health care plan to mirror the private-sector. This move made the plan more efficient and financially sustainable. These measures helped Chicago Heights budget remain solvent. To expand economic growth and create private sector jobs, DeLuca engineered a policy that sold off unused city-owned property to private entities to get them back on the tax rolls. The goal was to attract businesses and create jobs in the community. It worked. In fact, at a time when the unemployment rate in many Chicago area communities was rising, it was decreasing in Chicago Heights, thanks in part to this initiative.

Born and raised in Chicago Heights, DeLuca graduated from Homewood-Flossmoor High School and Elmhurst College. He and his wife, Sarah, are the parents of three children. The 80th District spans South Suburban Cook County, including all of Chicago Heights, Crete, Sauk Village, South Chicago Heights, Steger and parts of Beecher, Flossmoor, Glenwood, Homewood, Lansing, Lynwood, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, and University Park,. The district also includes all of Crete Township in Will County.


  • DeLuca is a longtime supporter of a third regional airport in the Southland, and the construction of the Illiana Expressway/Tollway which would connect Interstate 55 with Interstate 65 for improved transportation in our region. DeLuca remains focused on the development of the Metra Southeast Service Line running from Chicago to Crete.

  • As a believer in open and honest government that is accountable to taxpayers, DeLuca will use his position in the General Assembly to fight for ethics reforms. In fact, DeLuca is a 2010 recipient of the Best Legislative Voting Record Award by the Board of Directors of the Independent Voters of Illinois for his independent voting record emphasizing open, honest government.

  • DeLuca is committed to creating safer communities and stronger neighborhoods. He created a new alert system in Chicago Heights that informs residents of emergencies in the community, and a crime-free housing ordinance to improve public safety and the quality of life.

  • DeLuca is a recipient of the 2004 Italo-American National Union David Award, the 2006 IAET Civic Pride Award, the 2010 Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Leaders Under 40, The 2010 Cook County Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture Award, and the 2010 Best Legislative Voting Record by the Independent Voters of Illinois, the 2011 Highest Voting Record Supporting the Agricultural Community from Will County Farm Bureau and the 2011 Public Official of the Year by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP).

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State Representative - 84th District

Stephanie Kifowit

A veteran who volunteered to serve her country, Stephanie has made it a priority to honor her fellow military veterans. When the city of Aurora cut its support for the Aurora Fourth of July Parade because of budgetary constraints, Stephanie spearheaded the effort to save the parade with American Legion Post 84. The parade was a huge success, drawing over 10,000 area residents to the event to honor our nation’s history and local veterans. She is a member of AmVets Aurora Post 103 and American Legion Aurora Post 84, Fox Valley Marines Detachment #1233, the Women Marine Association and her local Veteran’s Breakfast Group.

Stephanie attended Northern Illinois University and graduated with a B.S. in Political Science and a Masters of Public Administration. Her husband Steve, also is an Northern Illinois University graduate and an Army veteran. He currently is a Professor of Mathematics at Prairie State College. Stephanie has lived in Aurora for sixteen years and has two children, Sabrina (age 14) and Samuel (age 9), who both attend school in East Aurora District 131. The family is complete with Steve’s daughter, Alexandria, who is a graduate of West Aurora High School. Stephanie is a proud step-grandparent to Alexandria’s sons William (age 5) and Jonathan (age 3).

The 84th Representative District contains parts of Aurora, Naperville, Montgomery and Oswego.


  • As an alderman, Stephanie Kifowit has focused on balancing Aurora’s budget, improving infrastructure in her ward and promoting local business growth. The lack of fiscal responsibility among the career politicians in Springfield is the top reason Stephanie decided to run for state representative. She has worked as a registered Financial Advisor and will use her financial expertise to fix the budget and stop the state from wasting your tax dollars.

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State Representative - 85th District

John Connor

After graduating from Notre Dame, Connor attended law school at the University of Illinois in Champaign. After a brief stint in private practice on the island of Saipan near Guam, he returned to Will County permanently in 1997 as his younger brother Matt was losing his battle with malignant melanoma.

His father Charlie’s public service included being Chief Judge of the Twelfth Circuit, followed by mayor of Joliet, and Connor followed that example and joined the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor.

His wife Julie, a Lockport Township High School graduate, received her special education degree from Northern Illinois University, and their children Jack and Charlie attend St. Dennis School in Lockport, while their oldest son Colin is at Lockport Township High School.


  • Before filling the vacancy left by Emily McAsey in the 85th district, John Connor was a career prosecutor for 20 years and the Major Crimes Chief at the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office. He prosecuted several high profile cases during the course of his career: the Drew Peterson case, the “Hickory Street” stranglings, and pretrial proceedings in the Christopher Vaughn “family annihilator” case.

  • Anticipating that the Peterson case might require additional resources, Connor drafted an order for the first Will County special grand convened in decades in November of 2007, immediately after the disappearance of Stacy Peterson. That grand jury indicted Peterson on the charges Connor presented in 2009 for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

  • Connor also used his experience with computer forensic evidence as both a local prosecutor and an Assistant Attorney General in the High Tech Crimes Bureau to design guidelines for the State's Attorney's Computer Crimes Unit, which executed over 100 search warrants and convictions for child exploitation crimes. He also oversaw Title III wiretap operations, state overhears, and cold case investigations during his tenure. An advocate of the grand jury as a citizen’s tool for justice, he presented many investigations and their witnesses to grand juries for their assistance and involvement during his tenure as a prosecutor.

State Representative - 86th District

Larry Walsh, Jr.

Larry Walsh Jr. has been serving the 86th District since April 30, 2012 after being appointed to replace long-serving State Rep. Jack McGuire. Walsh is a lifelong resident of Elwood, IL. Larry is married to Theresa Walsh (Stringham) and has three children: Katie 18, Joshua 8, and Caleb 7. He graduated from Elwood School and then Providence Catholic High School and also attended Joliet Junior College. The 86th Representative District lies within the townships of Joliet, Jackson, Channahon, Lockport and Troy in Will County. The majority of the district is within the towns of Joliet, Rockdale, Crest Hill, Elwood and Channahon.

Walsh has been active in Jackson Township for many years, serving on the Jackson Township Board as Trustee for the last 7 years. He also is involved with the Jackson Township Sportsmen Club, United Way, and Guide Dogs of America. In addition to his involvement in township government, Walsh helps organize holiday food drives and gift deliveries for families during the holiday seasons. Walsh also has been a very proud supporter of area community groups such as Jackson Twilighters, Elwood History Club, and Meals on Wheals programs.

Walsh has been a member of the Internal Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) Local #851. He worked his way up through the union, where he was Chairman of the Negotiation Committee before taking a full-time position as Secretary Treasurer of IAM District Lodge 8. In the Secretary Treasurer's position, Walsh oversaw $5 million in yearly revenues and managed all the finances of the Lodge, running a balanced budget each year while expanding its surplus.

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Candidate - State Representative - 97th District

Mica Freeman

Mica Freeman grew up in a middle-class family. As a child, Mica lived with her parents, three sisters, and eighteen foster-siblings. Her parents instilled in all their children the values of hard work and giving back to their community. Therefore, from a young age, Mica knew she wanted to help others in whatever profession she chose.

With the support of her family, Mica attended Eastern Illinois University (EIU) and acquired her Bachelor’s degree and teacher’s certification, going on to work as a fifth grade teacher. Around this time, Mica met her husband, David, and they have been married for over twenty years. Her family has since grown to include a daughter, son, step-daughter, and two young grandsons. Mica went on to earn her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction (with an English as a Second Language endorsement) from Concordia University.


  • Throughout her career and personal life, Mica continued to give back to her community. She volunteered in classrooms for over a decade, helping teachers and struggling students to succeed. Mica currently serves as secretary of the Band Boosters at her son’s high school. She is also a ParentWISE volunteer through Anne & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, where she helps families prepare for surgeries similar to her own daughter’s procedure several years ago.

  • Mica has seen first-hand the issues faced by Illinoisans. As an educator and parent, Mica understands that we need to work together to do more to protect our public schools. She also understands that we need to ensure our teachers and students have the necessary resources to provide a high-quality education for all. Mica’s education and experiences in life have compelled her to run for State Representative.

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State Representative - 98th District

Natalie Manley

Natalie Manley is a certified public accountant specializing in government auditing and budgeting, making sure taxpayers are protected. She has never sought a political office before and is am deeply concerned about where Illinois is heading and believe we need someone in Springfield to balance the books, get the state’s fiscal house in order, and push for much-needed reforms that will improve our economy and create jobs.

She is the product of a hardworking, single mother, who – at 75 – is a continuing inspiration to me, and all those who meet her. Natalie understands the value of a quality education. In 1990, as a newly divorced and a single mother, she wase new sole provider for my family, without any child support. She needed to find a way to make a better living and provide an opportunity for my child. So, she enrolled at Joliet Junior College (JJC) in Joliet, Illinois. She took out student loans and worked two part-time jobs on the night shift to afford school and caring for her infant.

After graduating from JJC, she earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of St Francis, in Joliet and then earned my Certified Public Accountant certification, reaching the top of her profession. She is now registered and licensed as a CPA in the state of Illinois. She is also a member of the Illinois CPA Society and the AICPA. Natalie has been part of the professional staff at Wermer, Rogers, Doran, and Ruzon LLC since 1999. As a Senior Staff Accountant, her work experience includes tax accounting for individuals and businesses, auditing for governments and non-profit organizations, budgeting, and cash management services.

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