Become A Precinct Committeeman

What is a Precinct Committeeman?

The Precinct committeeperson serves as the main communication source between the Democratic organizations with current and future Democratic voters in his/her precinct. The individual committeemen are charged with connecting the people in their precinct with the DemocraticParty structure, and the Party to the people.

The precinct committeemen is responsible for educating residents about important issues, registering voters, and helping to get the vote out leading up to Election day. It is okay to begin slowly as you begin your efforts. Your township chair is always available to provide support and answer questions.  Remember, you are providing a critical service to the Democratic Party and to your community. Have fun!

If you are interested in becoming a Democratic Precinct Committee, or want to learn more, please contact the Will County Democratic Party at

Precinct Committeemen Qualifications

  1. Any registered Democrat is eligible to become a committeemen in the precinct in which they live.
  2. All you need is desire to roll up your sleeves to help achieve Democratic victories.

How do I become the official Democratic Precinct Committeemen in my area?

Ballot Election: During the primary elections of even years, Democrats in your precinct elect one committeeperson as the official representative Democratic Party. This person must follow many of the same rules as other candidates for office. This is done by
Appointment: Many precinct committeemen start out as appointed precinct committeemen because state elections are only held every two years. It is very easy to apply for the precinct committeemen position. Just contact thetownship chair who will gather the important contact information and forward this onto the Will County Chairman for submission to the Will County Clerk.
Precinct Committeemen Term of Office: All precinct committeemen terms run from the March primary of an even year to the primary election two years later. Thus, if you became an appointed committeemen in 2019, your term will extend until the next primary election in 2020.

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