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Published on Sunday, October 28, 2012

Moderates Biggert, Foster discover sharp contrast in heavyweight battle

This unique combination of an open seat and two well-known candidates has made the 11th District one of the most fiercely contested races in the country. So far, the real winner has been the U.S. Postal Service: Residents rarely go two days without receiving a mailer celebrating or attacking one of the candidates.

Biggert and Foster would seem to have a lot in common. They’re both moderates who have crossed party lines on key votes. They both say they abhor the modern system of campaigning (Foster says it’s all sound bites; Biggert says it’s too negative), but they’ve spent millions on TV ads and direct mailers. They’ve both been (or would be) among the wealthiest members of Congress. They’d like to see more money spent on scientific research. And they agree that Washington, D.C., is a mess, although they have different theories on which party made it that way.

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