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Campaign 2014: A fight for power. Then what?

Published on Sunday, May 25, 2014

Campaign 2014: A fight for power. Then what?

But underlying all that is another condition that is equally fundamental to understanding this election year. Americans remain gloomy about the country and express a sourness toward Washington and their elected representatives. Everyone working in politics claims to know that, but the campaigns that individual candidates are running seem designed mostly to make that problem worse.

The biggest issue is still the state of the economy — the level of unemployment and underemployment, wage stagnation, middle-class anxiety and the gap between the very wealthiest and most everyone else. Yet both sides sound tired as they attempt to offer answers to problems that have defied conventional approaches. The early months of this debate have been an exercise in tactical, poll-driven politics designed more to motivate constituencies than to address problems.

Republicans criticize the president for the continued sluggishness in the economy. A few GOP elected officials have begun to talk about conservative economic ideas that go beyond tax cuts for the wealthy. But as a party, Republicans have yet to offer voters a fresh or compelling sense of what they want to do. Attacking Obama is always the easier choice.

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