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Monee Township Democratic Organization Monthly Meeting

Monday, June 22, 2020


This meeting will be conducted via Zoom. For login credentials or a call-in number, please contact Billy Morgan, Monee Township Democratic Chair, at billybobmorgan@gmail.com. 

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A Note from the Chair: Black Lives Matter

Fellow Democrats,
The past week has been unlike any other in our history. A global pandemic keeps us concerned for our health and confined to our homes. The story of a woman in New York using her privilege as a white woman to get a Black man in trouble with police, placing him in harm's way, demonstrated to a new group of Americans what activists and many Democrats have been telling us for years: that race can be weaponized in the most mundane situations, to chilling results.

And the murder of George Floyd has spawned a new degree of activism and awareness. We must stand in solidarity with George Floyd and fight against the system that led to his death at the hands of those sworn to uphold the law - the one who did it, and the ones who stood by and did nothing.

It has been inspiring to see the outpouring of peaceful protests across Will County - in Plainfield, in Joliet, in Crete, in Frankfort, and elsewhere - that were organized in a short period of time to demand justice and righteousness. 

And these protests said the most important words, words that should be obvious to everyone, but which need to be said and repeated:

Black lives matter.

Do not be fooled by those - the looters, the agents provocateurs - who use the movement for justice for their own ends. We need to remain focused on what matters: Black lives matter.

When you hear Republicans using their talking point - "all lives matter," used to distract from the peril Black lives face every day - just remember that only a couple of short weeks ago, they rallied in cities across the country to sacrifice Grandma to COVID-19 so they could go to a bar.

As a white man, I cannot know what people of color - and the Black community in particular - experience each and every day. The accumulation of events. The trauma. But I can listen. I can be an ally.

And the same is true for our whole community of Will County Democrats.

Know that the Will County Democratic Central Committee has your back. These are troubling times, but as Democrats our commitment to equality and justice makes us a community of love and of hope.

Stay safe. Stay strong.

In solidarity,

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2020 Convention: Introducing the Slates

Candidates are entitled to short biographies to be posted here. This information will be updated as more information becomes available. Ballots will be mailed May 29, and counted on June 14.


Bill ThomanChair
Billy Morgan1st Vice Chair
Ruby Lofton2nd Vice Chair
Karen M. JohnsonAuditor
Sherry WilliamsSecretary
Kevin M. ClancyTreasurer
Kathleen A. KennedySergeant at Arms

Nora GruenbergChair
Burke Schuster1st Vice Chair
Sonia Jenkins2nd Vice Chair
Sonni Choi Williams, Auditor
Lorraine Guerrero NeumayerSecretary
Kenneth HarrisTreasurer
John ValoneSergeant at Arms 


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Crete Township Democratic Organization Monthly Meeting

Thursday, June 11, 2020, 7:00pm
3501 Union Ave.
Steger, IL

Parking lot

We will be meeting in person, wearing masks, practicing social distancing. Please bring your own chair!

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Announcing Your 2020 Convention Proctor Committee

The convention process for the 2020 Will County Democratic Convention is underway. Nominations began on Monday, and continue until Friday, May 15.
In order to facilitate a seamless and transparent vote-by-mail convention, the Will County Democratic Party has chosen to designate a panel of impartial Democrats to manage the most sensitive parts of the convention, including mailing out ballots, counting the votes, and ensuring the integrity of the election's operations.
The proctor committee consists of:
  • Kevin "Duffy" Blackburn, Will County Auditor
  • Andrea Lynn Chasteen, Will County Circuit Court Clerk
  • Lauren Staley Ferry, Will County Clerk
  • Karen Gonzalez, former longtime precinct committeeperson who has overseen multiple county conventions
  • Karen A. Stukel, Will County Recorder of Deeds
The proctor committee is already hard at work. They will be calling candidates to determine whether they accept the nominations they've received and determining the slates of those nominated for chair. On Saturday at noon, they will be hosting a drawing to determine ballot placement, and sending ballots off to the printers - a unionized print shop - early next week. Ballots will be mailed out May 29.
Further instructions and information will be included on the ballots and in further communications from the Will County Democratic Party.
The executive board is immensely grateful to the proctor committee for donating their time and effort to ensuring that the 2020 convention is run efficiently, effectively, and transparently in the wake of COVID-19 and Governor Pritzker's stay-at-home orders.

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