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Some Will County officials desire Joliet incentives to keep courthouse downtown

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County officials this week said they were serious about building a new courthouse in downtown Joliet – but some were equally hesitant to go all in, arguing the city should offer incentives for county government to stay put.

 “The development of an urban site really is dependent on Joliet’s cooperation,” County Board Speaker Jim Moustis, R-Frankfort, said during a workshop Tuesday. “It’s hard to make a commitment until they make a commitment.”

Who benefits more from the other came into question this week during a meeting in Darien at the headquarters of Wight & Company, the consultant hired for the courthouse preliminary design work
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Raising juror pay, reducing juries gets mixed reviews

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A newly signed law that’ll more than double what Illinois jurors are paid while reducing the size of civil case juries is earning mixed reviews from criminal justice experts.

Gov. Pat Quinn signed the measure Friday that backers say could lead to more diverse juries and offset anticipated costs by cutting back jurors in all civil cases from 12 to 6. But some counties are concerned about picking up the tab and researchers and advocacy groups believe smaller juries mean less impartial verdicts.

To the measure’s sponsor – who was lobbied by the former Illinois Trial Lawyers Association president – raising juror stipends is a simple equation.

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Will County Takes Ownership of First Midwest Bank

Author: Editor

On Wednesday, Will County officials joined with leaders from First Midwest Bank to assume possession of the bank building upper floors at 50 W. Jefferson St. in downtown Joliet.

The county is planning to relocate some of its offices to the second, third, and fourth floors of the building and First Midwest will continue operations on the first floor until 2017.

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Fee would help finance new Will County courthouse

Author: Editor

The Will County Board now has the authority to impose court fees to help pay for construction of a new courthouse.

House Bill 5889, sponsored by state Sen. Pat McGuire, D-Joliet, and Rep. Larry Walsh Jr., D-Elwood, was signed into law Tuesday.

It’s estimated that the fees could raise between $1.5 and $2 million a year for the project, depending on the fee structure, which would be set by the county board.

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Courting trouble: Overcrowding and security concerns at Will County Courthouse

Author: Editor

If you live in the Will County part of Naperville and have been called for jury duty, you know the hassle that going to the Will County Courthouse can be at any time.

Long before the doors open at 8:30 a.m., people are lined up outside the Will County Courthouse in downtown Joliet. It takes awhile to get inside the building, through an outdated security system, and up one of four elevators to their destination.

The courthouse is a bustling building where thousands come to pay a traffic ticket, look up court cases, have a case tried by a judge or jury, seek an order of protection, get divorced or serve as a juror. Dealing with crowds and waiting in line is part of their visit here — but there are more issues for those who work here every day.

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