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How do I use this community?

The real question here is, 'How do I ask a question on this website?'

asked 8/6/2012
James Nagy6
James Nagy

1 Answer

You must have an account on this website and you must be logged in to be able to Ask and Answer questions in the Will County Community. You can do this by clicking on the Ask a Question button, or Answer the question link, or by clicking on Login button at the top right of this page.

How do you get an account on this website? That's easy, just click the Register button either at the top right of this page, or on the Login page to create a new account. You will have to provide a real verifiable email address so that we can be sure that you are you, but after that you can ask and answer questions in this forum as well as add comments to any news story on the site. It is easy to sign up and join in on the discussion.

Here is the fun part! The more questions and answers you give, and the more interaction that is generated by your contributions to the website the more features and functionality you will automatically gain on this website.

Ways to increase your reputation - For example:

  • Ask A Question - Gives you 1 reputation point
  • Answer A Question - Gives you 1 reputation point
  • Your question is Up-Voted - Gives you 5 reputation points
  • Your Answer gets marked as Accepted - Gives you 5 reputation points
  • You Answer is Up-Voted - Gives you 10 reputation points
  • You accept someone's answer - Gives you 1 reputation point

You can lose some reputation points as well - For example:

  • Your question or answer get's flagged by someone - You lose 2 reputation points
  • Your question or answer is Down-Voted - You lost 2 reputation points
  • You want to down vote someone's answer - You must give up 1 reputation point for that

So what can I do with these reputation points that I am gathering?

  • You need 1 point to as a question (a post)
  • You need 5 points to remove New User Restrictions
  • You need 10 points to be able to Flag Posts
  • You need 15 points to be able to Up-Vote Posts
  • You need 50 points to be able to Comment Everywhere
  • You need 125 points to be able to Down-Vote Posts
  • You need 500 points to be able to Retag questions
  • You need 2,000 points to be able to Edit Questions & Answers
  • You need 2,500 points to be able to Create Term Synonyms
  • You need 3,000 points to be able to Close a Question
  • You need 5,000 points to be able to Approve Term Edits
  • You need 10,000 points to gain access to some Moderator tools
  • You need 15,000 points to Protect Questions
  • You need 20,000 points to be a Trusted member (Full Moderator)

If you want to engage in the community, start by asking a few questions, encourage others to join the community through other social media avenues. 

Help us build an online community of Democrats in Will County.  They are out there, we need your help to find them and help them become active and informed voters.

answered 8/6/2012 James Nagy 6
James Nagy

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